Is it gay for a man to wear a pink T Shirt What about a purple T shirt?

Answer Purple, orange, and yellow are colors no man should ever wear, because they DO NOT complement ANY skin tone.

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How to Make a Littlest Pet Shop Shirt (and Accessories) out of an Old Shirt?

Your littlest pet shop needs some new fashion! All you need is an old shirt, and some scissors. be sure to ask though, You'll be ready to go in no time!

How to Make a Sleeveless T Shirt from an Unused T Shirt?

When summer comes, there’s nothing quite as comfortable as a sleeveless T-shirt. Of course, you can run to the store and plunk down a pocketful of cash, but why pay money for a sleeveless T-shirt... Read More »

If I want to dye a shirt purple, should I go with a white or dye a red shirt blue to make purple?

why not just buy a purple shirt? Dying is messy and usually cant get the shade you want, htey tend to fade.

What looks better - Shirt tucked in or shirt tucked out?

A general rule of thumb for shirt tails is that they should be tucked in for formal and office wear and left un-tucked for every-day, business casual, and casual wear. The shirt in your link appea... Read More »