What drives you crazy?

Answer well let see a tongue running over little Daryl's head does it every time. and Blue eyes and brown hair.

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What drives me crazy.whats 2 inches away from your hand and seldom used in a car indicators.?

People who don't use their turn indicators should be strung up from a tree and blindfolded while Rosie ODonnell tells bad jokes and rubs her wessoned oiled body against them.Use your turn signals.

Do flash drives and jump drives compress data?

Most flash drives and jump drives do not compress data, unless you use the Sony Microvault, which has a built-in compression program. However, you can install compression programs on any flash driv... Read More »

How do thumb drives work (Flash drives) Please see details.?

Yeah man I had THE EXACT same thing happen to me. The flashdrives are life savers man trust me and yes you can take and transfer files between computers - I have a vista computer, a xp and my broth... Read More »

Why Do External Drives Cost More Than Internal Drives?

As with most other forms of external drive, external hard drives are typically more expensive than their internal counterparts. The chief reasons behind the price difference boil down to aspects of... Read More »