How to Become a Rockstar?

Answer Rock out!You're watching MTV and suddenly see a rock star on screen for a few minutes, before pop takes over the station again. You think to yourself, "I wish I could be a rock star like them." Thi... Read More »

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How to Look Like a Rockstar?

The rockstar look is all edge-that means no frilly pink dresses, and nothing you think your grandma would wear. Think blacks, blues, whites, chains and individuality.

Do you like Monster or Rockstar?

Rockstar. Particularly the recovery lemonade one. would a sugar free drink be loaded with sugar...?

How to Find your Rockstar Name?

If you think your name is bland or dull, check out this article on how to create the ultimate Rock star Name!

How to Get an Indie Rockstar Look?

Have you ever looked up to that perfect, indie rock singer, who seems to have the greatest sense of style without even worrying about fashion? Want to look like her? Or just start trends. Read on!