How to Graph Rise & Run?

Answer For students learning the basics of line graphing, there are two concepts that are important -- shifts and slope articulate how a line looks. "Slope" is often expressed as the fraction rise over ru... Read More »

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Temperature rise and never had a + OPK?

Some people have a really short surge, and should do the tests 2x a day. My friend kept thinking she wasn't ovulating until I told her to take them 2x a day, and then she caught it. If your temp is... Read More »

How to Win the Rise of Atlantis?

"The Rise of Atlantis" is a match-three puzzle game for PCs. You're on a mission to find the seven magical powers that will allow you to raise the lost city of Atlantis. Your quest will take you to... Read More »

How to Fix Dough That Won't Rise?

Noone likes to wake up in the morning to find this happened...The common nightmare for many home bakers is to go to a lot of effort and use ingredients to make a nice shaped loaf, but when it comes... Read More »

How to Rise Above Abuse?

Anyone that has ever been physically, mentally or emotionally abused knows that the effects persist long after the abuse itself has stopped. Being abused weighs on your mind heavily and reduces you... Read More »