Who sings the Mass vacation rainbow song commercial?

Answer The Massachusetts Tourism commercial features a song titled "There's a Rainbow 'Round My Shoulder." The Brian Setzer Orchestra, a swing and jump blues band, according to Silver Platters, performs t... Read More »

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How do I determine a male rainbow lorikeet from a female rainbow lorikeet?

Sexing by SightRainbow lorikeets are not sexually dimorphic, which means there is no visual difference between males and females. While you can observe your bird for hormonal behaviors that may hin... Read More »

Who sings the song on the BBC tv licensing advert and who sings it?

Who sings the most depressing songs Who sings the most intelligent songs & who sings the happiest songs?

Here are some beautiful songs(in my opinion)Sleep song:…Nocturne:…Pilgrim: Read More »

How to Fix a Rainbow Vac?

Rainbow says its vacuum cleaners incorporate a "home cleaning system" which is the "most powerful and versatile in the world." The machines are based on the principle "wet dust can't fly." Their f... Read More »