Who sings"Another Mile a Minute"?

Answer There is no known recorded song called "Another Mile a Minute." The most similar song title is "Rockin a Mile a Minute," written and sung by Candy Coburn, from her 2007 album "Rev It Up."References... Read More »

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Can your eyes be transplanted to another part of the body so you can see from another perspective?

There is some debate on the issue, but the general consensus is no. The problem is that the nerves are only going to the visual cortex of the brain from the eyes. That only the optical nerves are c... Read More »

If i wanted to go to college in another country or in another state how would i do that?

Another state is fairly easy. Another country requires you obtain a student visa for that country (not too difficult, but you still have to get the visa)

Can I hire another attorney while under contract with another?

On One Hand: Check Your ContractWhen a lawyer agrees to represent a client, the lawyer will have the client sign a representation agreement--also commonly called a retainer or engagement contract. ... Read More »

How hard is it to hack into another person's computer in another state?

Unless your ex is an EXPERT hacker, the chances of that happening are slim to non existent. Personally, i think u should fill out a police report- in case something happens to u and/or ur computer.... Read More »