What was that made for TV movie in the 90's about a different planet with a side in the light and a side in the dark evil vs good?

Answer The movie was White Dwarf.

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How to Control Your Dark Side?

There is always a darkness in our hearts and souls. This page teaches you how to control it.

Who sings in the air tonight on tnt's dark blue preview?

The band is called Nonpoint. The album is called Recoil.

What was last NASA mission to see the dark side of the moon?

There is no literal "dark side of the Moon"; both sides get light when they face the sun as they go around the Earth every 29 or so days. Most people mean the Far Side of the Moon. That can't be se... Read More »

Side Effects of Under Eye Dark Circle Cream?

Eyes creams that claim to eliminate dark circles under the eyes can sometimes contain strong chemical ingredients that can irritate the delicate eye skin. It is beneficial to become aware of the po... Read More »