They dont call it cheap for nothin!?

Answer I ALWAYS BUY THE GOOD STUFF....BUT my husband thinks a deal is a deal.....he is left using the cheap stuff til it runs out!!!.....that mess is like water...pretending to be lotion!lol

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Im not a drugy or nothin but i need to sleep an all i can find is cyclobenzaprine 10mg will this work?

Same here, Im in no way near like a junkie, but cyclobenzaprine will knock you out so bad its unbelievagble.I took four one time because its a very small dosage, it was prescribed to me and even my... Read More »

Iight kinda stupid question.. but yeah.. so wen i was 16 i had a root canal done wit NO novicane OR nothin?

If you had a root canal done with no Novacaine, then i'm positive you'll be fine getting the cavities filled without it. A root canal is way more painful than a filling. Fillings aren't even painfu... Read More »

How to Make a Littlest Pet Shop Shirt (and Accessories) out of an Old Shirt?

Your littlest pet shop needs some new fashion! All you need is an old shirt, and some scissors. be sure to ask though, You'll be ready to go in no time!

Is it gay for a man to wear a pink T Shirt What about a purple T shirt?

Purple, orange, and yellow are colors no man should ever wear, because they DO NOT complement ANY skin tone.