Survey for parents: You know you must be doing something right when ___________?

Answer I know I must be doing something right when Taylor(my 13 y.o.Daughter) goes and mows 4 lawns for her 15 y.o. Brother Erick who broke his collar bone last week during a wrestling tournament so he wo... Read More »

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Is it mental abuse when a parent yells at you 24-7 for not doing something right and you feel really bad and are very depressed and cry every night because you feel like you can't do anything right?

Answer I am not sure what MA is, but don't worry most of us feel like this at some time or another in our lives. I know it sounds silly, but go and talk to your parents, tell them you need some en... Read More »

Wikipedia is fighting against the copy right terrorist ,we must do something about it! wiki needs our help!?

There are two bills currently working their way through the United States House of Representatives and Senate that would be harmful to the Internet as a whole. The bills propose a fundamental chang... Read More »

I cut my index finger partially off doing something i wasn't supposed to be doing. READ THE DETAILS BELOW?

go to the doctor, you do NOT HAVE TO tell them what you were doing. just tell them whatever it was that actually involved slicing your finger off, you dont have to go into details about why or how ... Read More »

What must every woman know about doing laundry?

Divide your clothes into three loads: whites, darks, and brightsWhites you wash with ht waterDarks with cold water Brights with warm water.Thats basically it. Oh and I suggest you use colored blea... Read More »