How old were people dying in 1800s?

Answer Life expectancy of the 1800's aye? That is actually tricky, since what most people call life expectancy is nothing but a median, the middle number taken of everyone born from 1800 to 1899 and tally... Read More »

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What bands are you absolutely DYING to see live?

I've seen Aerosmith before, they totally kick a$$ live so if you get the chance to see them, go! I'm dying to see Children Of Bodom, Slayer and Metallica.

Once a dying person has stopped eating, how much longer do they live?

Stopped eating but still drinking can be anything from a few days to a few weeks.Mum lasted 6 weeks after she stopped eating.Love you Mum, RIP.

Is dying like fainting?

I don't know for sure but my grandmother died on the OR table and they brought her back. She said she could see what was going on in the room when that happened. So that would tell me no it is not... Read More »

How have you coped in the past when someone has told you they were dying from a disease?

Hi Kat-I am sorry about your friend. I to lost a friend from Aids. it is very hard to watch someone you know and care about go through all of that.. However you have to make the choice as to how fa... Read More »