What is the most northern town in the world?

Answer Alert, Nunavut, is the northernmost inhabited town in the world. Alert is only 508 miles from the North Pole and had five permanent residents as of 2006. Alert is the home of a Canadian Forces weat... Read More »

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Will a DNA test verify where you might be from in Northern France like what town township village city or county?

No, only if you are related to someone from there and your DNA is linked to theirs. For that to happen they also need to leave their DNA. There are sites and groups online that work with finding th... Read More »

The Life Cycle of Northern Krill?

Northern krill (Meganyctiphanes norvegica) inhabit the North Atlantic Ocean, where they form the base of the ecosystem's food chain. These tiny crustaceans go through several stages of development ... Read More »

Is a DNA test able to tell you what county-arrondissement-town township city or village you are from in Northern France based on your biological mother and fathers ethnicity and nationality?

Who sings"The Little Town of Christmas"?

"The Little Town of Christmas" is actually a comedic holiday play, not a song. Texas-born playwright Pat Cook wrote it and Eldridge Plays and Musicals released it in 1994. It includes 12 scenes.Ref... Read More »