Can you get emancipated in Oregon and be 17 and pregnant without parent consent and live with your boyfriend and his mother without having to pay rent?

Answer You can get emancipation at 17 in Oregon. The court can take into consideration that the parents are opposed. They are also likely to take the fact that you are pregnant into consideration. Being p... Read More »

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Who sings"All My Ex's Live in Texas"?

"All My Ex's Live In Texas" is sung by country music artist George Strait. The song was released in 1987 as the first track on Strait's album titled "Ocean Front Property." "Ocean... Read More »

Who sings the live to win song in southpark make love not warecraft?

paul Stanley sings it and if you listen to other songs that hes sang you can tell.

How to Live Without a Car?

Living without a car can be pretty tough, especially in the U.S., where public transportation is frequently lacking and where questionable urban planning has caused the average person to live far a... Read More »

How to Live Without a TV?

Sitting in front of a TV all day is REALLY bad for you. And, there are some really bad stuff on the channels. So, maybe you should fill your time with other stuff. Here are some ways to keep your m... Read More »