Getting rid of this damn wart.?

Answer Just go get it removed. Warts suck and duct tape and all those natural remedies or whatever never work! Getting it removed is quick and easy and then it's gone forever. Also, it doesn't hurt and o... Read More »

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How should I remove this damn virus?

I checked on line & it seems a lot of windows users have the same problem.Here are some links of what some of the tech guys are saying it is & how to get rid of it.I hope this helps.Many Blessings!... Read More »

Who sings this: hey hey you you?

GIRLFRIEND by AVRIL LAVIGNEHey! Hey! You! You!I don't like your girlfriend!No way No way!I think you need a new oneHey! Hey! You! You!I could be your girlfriendHey! Hey! You! You!I know that you l... Read More »

Who sings this song.....?

Can you Hum it?Humm you tune and you might find it here: .....or try a lyrics search below.

Who Sings this hip-hop song It was on ESPN?

After the playoffs are over, you will get a popup notification that will say "start new season?" Select yes and then choose your team and get ready for the season.