Who sings that song"Flashing Lights"with Lil Wayne?

Answer The rap song "Flashing Lights" features rappers Jay-Z and Kanye West, along with Lil Wayne. The song is available on the free mixtape "Starring in Mardi Gras" and was released by Lil Wayne.Source:R... Read More »

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What does it mean to be seeing flashing lights in vision?

First, do you get headaches soon after this happens? It could be a migraine.Second, do you notice these when you are especially dehydrated or tired? It could be an ocular migraine.Last, since the o... Read More »

What is with these flashing lights in the corner of my eye?

It is called aura. It is usually followed with a migraine. I had my first bout with aura 3 years ago. I started seeing fuzzy images floating in my vision then my peripheral vision became obstructed... Read More »

What Are Green Flashing Lights Used For?

Green is the positive inspirational color that tells us to go. Crossing the road, moving in traffic, waiting for the computer to load, green screams go ahead, everything is ok and safe to proceed.

How to Make LED Flashing Brake Lights?

LED lights are often installed in the rear of cars, and include turn signals and brake lights. These brake lights are naturally bright and let motorists know when you intend to slow or stop a vehic... Read More »