What was the name of a tv series in 90's that was about a girl that came from the future in diamond like time machine?

Answer The Girl from tommorow????

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How to Hatch a Girl Chikorita in Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum?

If you have ever wanted a girl Chikorita in Pokemon Diamond, Pearl or Platinum, then this should help you.

Who sings Beautiful Girl?

A variety of artists have sung a song titled "Beautiful Girl." Among the performers are Bing Crosby, George Harrison, Sean Kingston, INXS, Taking Back Sunday, Michael Jackson and Van Halen.Source:I... Read More »

Who sings'I'm a Barbie Girl'?

The Danish-Norwegian pop group Aqua sang the song "Barbie Girl" in the late 1990s. This song was what rocketed the band into popularity, selling more than a million of copies in the United Kingdom,... Read More »

Who sings"She's a Beautiful Girl"?

KT Tunstall sings "Suddenly I See," a pop-rock song with a verse containing the lyrics, "She's a beautiful girl, she's a beautiful girl." The song first appeared on KT Tunstall's 2004 album, "Eye t... Read More »