Who sings together forever in sesame street?

Answer Elmo is the one that sings together forever in Elmo's adventure in grouch land

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Who sings the song"Stay Together for the Kids"?

Blink 182 sings the song called "Stay Together for the Kids." It discusses the relationship of the parents choosing not to divorce from the child's point of view. However, the actual lyrics "stay... Read More »

We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together: Who sings it better?

What do protons&electrons come together to make?

Protons, electrons and neutrons are all parts of an atom. An atom is the smallest possible particle of any element. When atoms join together, molecules are formed, which then come together to form ... Read More »

How many generations might come together at a family reunion?

If you assume that each generation had a child at the age of 18 and the eldest was 90 years old, then there would be 6 generations at the reunion. This can be greater if the eldest is older than 90... Read More »