What is the meaning of chasing cars?

Answer Many people assume that dogs chase cars as a form of play. However, a high prey drive is the reason dogs chase cars.Flight ResponseThe prey drive is triggered by the flight response of prey as it r... Read More »

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If you own two cars do you have to carry the same auto insurance on both cars even if both cars are in your name?

You can have ins on both car with same ins polictyAnswerYes, You need both cars insured. the vechicle can be added to your policy.

How do you evade someone who is chasing you in a car?

This question doesn't belong in the "Safety" section.

How to Keep Your Dog from Chasing Cats?

Teaching your dog to not chase cats may seem against nature, but with the right amount of patience you can teach your dog to fight the urge. Here is a wikiHow guide to keeping your dog from chasing... Read More »

Why is the teletubbies chasing noo noo?

Because the Noo-Noo is a hoover and he sucks up the teletubbies toys and food whilst cleaning up,hence the reason the teletubbies chase the Noo-Noo,they want their things back!!