I know this is gross, but I cant pass a hard stool . What should I do. It is almost ready to pass but cant!?

Answer If you are to the point where you sit on the toilet and are straining hard and can feel the stool trying to come out then you are past the point of stool softeners and other things helping.What it ... Read More »

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Cant turn off Ipod touch 4g?

hold down both the home button and the power button for about 5-9 seconds and the ipod will reset itself this usually works when the ipod is lagging or if it displays a white screen like it is for you

How do you fix ipod screen if cant touch?

Call Apple and they will ask you the problem you are having with it. Then they will show you how to reset it. If you cant get it reset then they will send you another one that is refurbished.

I cant believe this, is this frequent nowadays (for railcrews only please)?

You kinda picked up right from where my answer with regard to this claptrap ended.I don't watch much TV myself. But I have seen bodies who have frozen to death on a night time jaunt across the des... Read More »

I cant touch my glans, its very sensitive and painful?

You may not like to hear this, but your doctor recommended circumcision purely because it makes them a lot of money:…Alternative treatments for phimosis ex... Read More »