Who sings"Barbed Wire&Roses"?

Answer The Nashville, Tennessee, progressive country group Pinmonkey performed the song "Barbed Wire & Roses." The song first appeared on the band's self-titled album, released in 2004. As of February 201... Read More »

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How to Draw Barbed Wire?

Nothing shouts "Keep Out" or "Top Secret" better than barbed wire. Learn how to draw some in just a few steps!

How to Make a Barbed Wire Layered Shooter?

This Campari based drink represents the name of it when it's made. The effects and the taste are real. Here is how to make a barbed wire layered drink.

How do you install barbed wire on top of an existing wooden fence?

with staples, but barbed wire is supposed to hinder passage, a wooden fence can easily be busted apart... do no suggest doing any of the above

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Barbed wire fences are useful for keeping deer and other large pest animals out of your garden, or for keeping your own livestock where it belongs. These fences are often preferable to bulkier type... Read More »