Who sings"Love Me Tender"?

Answer "Love Me Tender" was originally, and most famously, sung by Elvis Aaron Presley. Presley's recording of "Love Me Tender" was released in 1956. It was re-recorded by Richard Chamberlain in 1962. Per... Read More »

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What is the meaning of tender?

When a food is tender, it is softer and easier to chew. Food can be made tender through a variety of ways, such as beating meat with a meat cleaver, or steaming vegetables. However, the word has ot... Read More »

How to Use a Battery Tender?

The Battery Tender is a trickle battery charger that has gained a reputation among many auto, boat, and motorcycle owners as the best on the market. Deltran, the maker of the Battery Tender series ... Read More »

Why is my stretched ear tender and red?

What you're describing sounds normal. Whenever you stretch the tissue, there is going to be some trauma involved, and often tenderness and some redness will occur the next day. If it doesn't go awa... Read More »

Which is the most tender of all the cheeses?

Cream cheese would be the most tender. Duh.