Who signs petitions?

Answer Petitions are formal requests or complaints sent to a government or institution. They are usually organized by a group that sends out individuals to collect signatures from as many people as possib... Read More »

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What Are Petitions?

If you have ever disagreed with an aspect of society, or wanted to promote social change, you have already likely encountered a petition of some sort. Petitions can be described as official motions... Read More »

Are petitions legal?

In almost all cases, petitions are legal and covered by the First Amendment to the Constitution protecting free speech. A petition can be disqualified or even illegal, however, if it is proven that... Read More »

Are email petitions valid?

No, according to Toledo Talk, email petitions are not acceptable for submission. In order for a petition to be valid, it must include a person's signature and full mailing address. Truth or Fiction... Read More »

Are online petitions worthwhile?

On One Hand: They Can Be UsefulCertain legitimate organizations, such as political action committees, use online petitions effectively. The PAC, for example, began in 1998 as a simple on... Read More »