Who should you contact regarding unclaimed inheritance in Ontario?

Answer According to, if you're searching for an inheritance from a person who died in Ontario, or died elsewhere while still a resident of Ontario, contact the Office of the Public Gua... Read More »

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What Happens to an Inheritance That Is Unclaimed?

An inheritance that remains unclaimed will pass on the next person in the line of intestate succession. If the nonclaiming individual was the last in the intestate line, the property will escheat, ... Read More »

Should I contact child welfare regarding vegan children?

Hi FHG! I see you're back from your enforced 1 week vacation (suspension). The prions must be really eating your brain now since you asked this same question last year or is it that you have a case... Read More »

Questions regarding contact lens.?

they usually charge a one time fitting fee as well as an office visit. so anywhere from $150 to $300 they can tell you in can take a nap in them, but it's not good to sleep in ... Read More »

Who Do You Contact Regarding Do Not Call Complaints?

If you receive unwanted telemarketing calls from companies, sign up with the National Do Not Call Registry. If you continue to hear from these companies after 31 days, file a complaint against them.