Who Should I Prank Call?

Answer The 99 cent store, their number is 67323399991. Pretty much you ask them how much stuff costs, and its pretty funny cause the guys are young and dont know what to do! Have fun ;)

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Prank call: 07967798341?

no... loser.and all calls are traceable, you did realize that? riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight?guess not.

Prank call troble?

Its people like you who waste time out of people's important day. Leave people alone. And yes you can get into trouble. Especially if they have your phone number in the caller idea. Grow up why don... Read More »

Ideas for a prank call?

1) Tell him/her that you are bringing the body to(local lake/dump)... Hang up2) Call back 10 minutes later and tell him you are there... Hang up3) Wait a few minutes and call again screaming and ma... Read More »

Prank call...scared :(?

Just don't get anymore involved, don't mention it to anyone else and just try to forget about it. You wont get in trouble with the law but maybe at school.