Who should we pay tithes to?

Answer Those of the Christian faith are instructed by the bible to donate ten percent of their income to their local church. This is called tithing, and is mentioned numerous times in both the Old and the... Read More »

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Where do my tithes go?

Tithes are used to support church governance, ministries and programs in which that congregation participates according to the stewardship rules of the denomination. In Christian churches, tithes a... Read More »

Are tithes scriptural?

Tithing is mentioned several places in the Bible in both the New and Old Testaments. In Biblical times, people did their tithing with agricultural products. Luke 18:10 gives a reference to giving a... Read More »

Can you deduct tithes?

According to, Publication 526, money such as tithes or offerings given to religious organizations such as churches, mosques, synagogues and temples are considered charitable contributions a... Read More »

Should we pay tithes as christians?

On One Hand: Paying Tithes Brings BlessingsAccording to Midnight Ministries, a ministry dedicated to understanding the prophecy of Jesus Christ, Christians who pay tithes (giving 10 percent of your... Read More »