Who should treat TMJ?

Answer According to the Mayo Clinic, who treats TMJ depends on symptoms and severity. For mild cases, a dentist can provide treatment. In severe situations, you may be referred to an oral and maxillofacia... Read More »

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How should I treat My Cut?

You got it!! Clean it with disinfecting stuff about every hour and change band aids, for the swelling, put ice on it for about every 30 good luck!!

How should I treat this cut?

If the wound is deeper than 1/4 inch, it needs to be stitched within 24 hours of injury.Otherwise, clean it and apply some antibiotic ointment and steri strips if the wound is long. Then apply a b... Read More »

How should I treat my toe injury?

"(approx 1 mug of normal table salt)" Holy sh*t does she mean a coffee mug? that's a sh*h load of salt! I have to disagree with her! That much salt is bad for you, it causes high blood pressure! An... Read More »

How should I treat this?

Ive found in the past that petroleum jelly really doent moisturize so much........its more like bandaid you just put it on there and it protects more than anything .What ive done in the past is us... Read More »