Who should the flag go to after a military father dies?

Answer United States Department of Defense guidelines dictate that the flag used in the funeral shall be delivered to the decedent's "next of kin or other appropriate individual." "Next of kin" for a mili... Read More »

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When a father who was a soldier dies who gets the flag?

The wife would. In the absence of a wife, it would be the parents. In the absence of parents, it would be the closest blood relative.

Does the father get custody if the mother dies?

The father would be the favored person to get legal custody if the mother had custody and died unless he was found to be unfit to have custody.

What do you call your father in law after your wife dies?

When father dies who gets custody of child?

Custody would normally go to the closest living relative, and if there are no relatives available, the child becomes a ward of the state.