Who should not take castor oil?

Answer Castor oil should not be used by a pregnant woman, as it can cause contractions.

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Should you be dilated in order to take castor oil?

Answer You should not take castor oil or anything that might cause labor. Every woman is tired of being pregnant by the 8th month and wants it to be over. Let nature take its course, if you are not... Read More »

You are 39 weeks and dialated 2cm how much castor oil do you think you should take to get things started?

Answer i don't know about castor oil so i won't advise you...but i know cuz i did it --i walk alot and had sex--i went to labor faster and took me 2 hours to have my baby and drink alot of water t... Read More »

Im 35 weeks and im 3 cm and 100 effaced when will labor start and should you take castor oil to start it?

You are still a couple weeks off of wanting to have ur baby. If i were you I would wait one more week...i know that sounds like alot but im 2cm dialated 60 percent effaced and 33 weeks and they put... Read More »

Is castor oil safe to take for labor?

On One Hand: Castor Oil Does WorkFor centuries, expectant mothers and midwives have sworn by castor oil to induce labor. Castor oil stimulates bowel muscles, causing the uterus to release prostagla... Read More »