Im going out for my 21st.. what should i begin with drinking and what should i end with?

Answer Start with milk, and end with a long island ice tea.

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I'm a guy with very long hair. Should I do an updo with tresses, or stick with pigtails for church this Sunday?

Have you considered a Pippy Longstocking look... you know, the braids that arc upwards?

Should I OR Should I Not recharge my batteries given with canon PowerShot A 1200 Camera?

AA is the size of the batteries.Batteries come in a number of types; Alkalines were popular because they gave a long life (Duracell, Ever-Ready Energiser etc.) they're pretty useless for digital ca... Read More »

When i am scratching my ear or cleaning it with a cutip, it's louder than it should be. Should I see a doctor?

Stick a pencil led/paper clip/needle/small screwdriver deep into your ear until you hear a pop. There might be some blood, but this is OK. Now pour any fluid into your ear and pour the water out of... Read More »

Should parents be allowed to smoke in cars with children as passengers or should that be illegal?

It's illegal in Ontario, Canada. $500 fine if you get caught.