Who should i believe?

Answer It does matter, people should seek out the truth no matter what the subject is. I would say believe your brother Janet. Unless he has a habit of lying to you most of the time to you. Then believe... Read More »

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I believe my big toe is broken......Should I?

Ice and once the swelling goes down tape your two toes together

Do you believe everyone should be Vegan and why?

Maybe not vegan, but definitely vegetarian. It's not right to take advantage of animals like that, its like people think they don't have feelings, or if they know that, they don't seem to care, but... Read More »

Do you believe that Paris Hilton should go to Jail?

I think she deserves her punishment ... she is the one that violated her probabtion and got caught drinking and driving. If she does not end up going to jail that just proves that if you have money... Read More »

What did Washington believe the U.S. foreign policy should be?