Why was Dr Sam Beckett on Quantum Leap suffering mind merges when he had leaped into Lee Harvey Oswald?

Answer That was just written into the story so Sam would not be able to keep Oswald from assassinating President JFK while he was him as that is actual history.

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How to get Oswin Oswald hair?

Print his photo, take it to your salon or barber THEY may even show you how to style it.

What did Oswald Avery discover?

Oswald Avery was an American bacteriologist who made an important discovery in the field of genetics. Along with his fellow colleagues, Maclyn McCarty and Colin MacLeod, he discovered that genes ar... Read More »

Where can you find a screenshot of Pongo the dragon from the kids show Oswald?

What happens if you get flu shot and H1N1 shot less than one month apart?

According to the CDC, it will not be a problem. In fact you could take the two shots at the same time. It is the A-H1N1/09 nasal spray that can't be taken at the same time as the seasonal nasal s... Read More »