Who shot horatio Cain CSI Miami?

Answer The ATF agent. Horatio staged his own death in order to gather evidence and arrest Ron Saris

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Why does horatio Cain pretend to die?

Twice.1st time - Fox River, To break Lincoln out.2nd time - Sona, Went in so Sara didn't there for murder"Final Break" - Sara went to prison for murdering Michaels mother.that bloody woman isn't th... Read More »

Who is a cooler detective Sonny Crockett from the 1980's show Miami Vice or Horatio Caine from CSI Miami?

Budget cuts.. But CBS' official version is "creative changes".

Who is horatio's ex on csi Miami?

What is horatio from csi Miami real name?

CSI Miami's Horatio Caine's real name is David Caruso.