Who setteled the connictucut colony?

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Theories on Ant Colony Systems?

Ant colonies put no single ant in charge. Instead, the ants operate in a collectivist manner, with each ant playing a tiny role in the decision-making process. Few other species show such a level o... Read More »

Who found the colony of Pennsylvania?

William Penn founded the colony of Pennsylvania. The land was given to him by Charles II in 1681 for his service to the British navy. Penn and a group of settlers arrived at the colony and establis... Read More »

Who was the leader of the Georgia colony?

The leader of the Georgia colony was James Edward Oglethorpe, who was born on December 22, 1696, in Godalming, England. His parents were Theophilus and Eleanor Oglethorpe. The Georgia colony in Ame... Read More »

Who founded the New Hampshire colony?

An English land grant led Captain John Mason to begin establishing a fishing colony in present-day New Hampshire in 1623. Under Mason's orders, two groups of settlers simultaneously established sep... Read More »