Who sells mizuno wave lightning shoes?

Answer A number of nationwide and online retailers are authorized to sell Mizuno Wave Lighting sneakers for volleyball, including All Volleyball, Zappos, Volley Hut,, Spike Volleyball, Real... Read More »

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Who sells Top Moda brand shoes?

Top Moda company headquarters is in the Czech Republic. Top Moda shoes are available online from websites such as, and It does not appear that shoes are sold i... Read More »

Is the Mizuno MZC-4 Crush approved?

The Mizuno MZC-4 designation is used on two bats, one of which is approved and one of which is not. The Mizuno Techfire Crush 2004 model (called the MZC-4) is approved by the major softball sanctio... Read More »

How to Customize Mizuno Gloves?

Other than applying pine tar, coloring your laces and writing your name on an inside tag, there is little you can physically do to customize your Mizuno baseball glove. That said, there are a varie... Read More »

How to Be Inspired by the Style of Ami or Amy Mizuno from Sailor Moon?

Ami/Amy Mizuno (a.k.a. Sailor Mercury) is a smart young lady who always enjoys studying and keeping her grades up the best she can. You can act/look like her by following these steps.