How to Throw a Touchdown?

Answer Throwing a touchdown is tough. It requires patience, skill, a team that works as a team and trustworthy linesmen. This article works best if the team is within 15 yards of the end zone.

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How Do You Jump in the Touchdown on "Backbreaker"?

"Backbreaker" is an NFL-style football game released for the Xbox 360 and PS3 in 2010. It is especially notable for its use of the Euphoria NaturalMotion animation system, which uses physics to add... Read More »

Who gets credit for scoring a touchdown?

According to the National Football League, when the football crosses the goal line and into the end zone, a touchdown equaling 6 points is realized. The person who is in possession of the ball when... Read More »

Can a football game end on a touchdown?

A football game can end on a touchdown only if the game is in overtime. A touchdown scored in regulation time must be followed by an extra-point attempt, even if no time remains on the clock.Refere... Read More »

Who started touchdown push-ups?

There is no consensus on who started the tradition of touchdown pushups. The University of Houston claims to have originated the practice, but others dispute that claim and point elsewhere, includi... Read More »