Who sang"Scotsman's Kilt"?

Answer The song "The Scotsman's Kilt" was performed by a musical group known as The Woods Tea Company. The group consists of four members, all of whom sing and play a wide variety of instruments. The grou... Read More »

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How to Sit in a Kilt?

If you're not Scottish, you may not be used to wearing a kilt. There are some things you should know.

How Put on a Pre-Sewn Kilt?

Kilts are a traditional Scottish fashion for men that has had a bit of a renaissance in recent years. Kilts are popular with Scottish dancers and at weddings, and cargo kilts like the Utilikilt hav... Read More »

Is a kilt a skirt?

Made to be worn by men, kilts are garments rooted in Scottish culture and are different than skirts. Kilts are crafted from thicker materials, such as wool, and are pleated, while skirts are create... Read More »

How Is a Kilt Wrapped?

The traditional kilt has been worn in Scotland for hundreds of years. You can imitate the look of a kilt with modern utility kilts, but these are often scoffed at by traditional Scotsmen. A real ki... Read More »