Who sang"Lemon Tree"?

Answer "Lemon Tree" is a folk song from the 1960s that was written by Will Holt. It was made popular by the folk trio Peter, Paul and Mary. It has also been sung by popular musicians such as reggae legend... Read More »

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Can I grow a lemon tree from a store-bought lemon?

You can grow a lemon tree from store-bought lemons. Plant the seeds in a ceramic or clay pot, use a good premixed medium soil, water as needed, mist for humidity and make sure your lemon seeds and ... Read More »

How do I grow a lemon tree from a lemon seed?

SeedRemove the seeds from the lemon intact. Wash the seeds to clean the sugar from the seed because sugar promotes fungal growth.PlantInsert seeds 1/2-inch deep in a soil-filled pot before the seed... Read More »

Does a Lemon Tree Need to Be Pollinated From Another Lemon Tree?

Lemon trees are tropical plants that require warm climate conditions, well-drained soils and full sun. Citrus plants mostly are self-pollinating, but some hybrids require the presences of another t... Read More »

What kids tv show sang the song that had the words Singing a happy song in it?