Who sang the original"Volare"?

Answer Italian singer/songwriter Domenico Modugno co-wrote and originally sang the song "Nel Blu, Dipinto di Blu," better known as "Volare." The song won two Grammy Awards and was named the Record of the ... Read More »

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Who sang the original"Johnny B. Goode"?

Chuck Berry was the original singer of "Johnny B. Goode". The song was released in 1958. Other singers have since recorded the song, but Chuck Berry was the writer and the original singer.Source:So... Read More »

Who sang the original"Windmills of Your Mind"?

The song "Windmills of Your Mind" was originally sung by Noel Harrison for the 1968 film, "The Thomas Crown Affair." The song won the 1969 Oscar for the Best Song From a Film category.References:So... Read More »

Who sang the original song photograph?

AnswerPhotograph is a song written by Ringo Starr and George Harrison. It was released by Ringo Starr as a single in October 1973, reaching number eight and number one in the UK and U.S. singles ch... Read More »

Who sang the original version of It's My Life?

The original version of "It's My Life" was sung by the British band Talk Talk. "It's My Life" was first released on the Talk Talk album of the same name, It's My Life, in 1984.Source:Yahoo Music: T... Read More »