Who sang the song"Oh What a Night"?

Answer "Oh What a Night" is actually only part of the title. The original song is "December 1963 (Oh What a Night)," and was released by the Four Seasons in 1976. It was originally supposed to be "Decemb... Read More »

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Who sang the song the lion sleeps to night?

As already answered, the hit was by the Tokens, adapted from Pete Seeger's "Wimoweh", which was, in turn, adapted from Solomon Linda's original song "Mbube". There was a great PBS documentary that... Read More »

Who sang the this is the night on the tv show the game?

I'm 36 wks. I took 4oz of castor oil last night at 930 it's been 12 hours. I was on the toilet all night but no contractions. is there a chance it will still work how long before i go in labor?

Too soon Although there is little scientific, peer-reviewed data to support the claim that castor oil can hasten the onset of labor, there is plenty of anecdotal information that it does. Many chi... Read More »

I had my period two weeks ago However since then I have been getting sick every night and my breasts are still swollen I have taken dollar store pregnancy tests show up neg could I still be pregnant?

Answer If I where you I would go buy a real preg. test from the drug store or wal mart. For example ept or first response.