Hey just want your opinion (preferably girls)?

Answer It's blue and it goes on clear.

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I just want to know what ppl think of girls with tattoos?

The answers here are horrendous.I have many tattoos and am in no way trashy. My tats include a chest piece as well as many others. I am a successful, professional woman that makes a very good livin... Read More »

I tried but it's to hard to stop masterbating off girls and i want to stop!im just 14 please help!?

I extremely recommend reading the book "Every young man's battle." It will do you a world of good and will tell you how to stop and loads of other stuff. The material in that book is amazing, and w... Read More »

How to Have a Fun Sleepover With Just One Friend (12/14 Yo Girls)?

An editor has suggested a title changeHave a Fun Sleepover with Just One Friend (for preteens) In accordance with the title policy, titles should be the most concise, most commonly searched way to ... Read More »

Why do girls want to have a baby at such a young age?

Because they don't know how to use birth control properly, or they forget it at the time... It's not "so many" though, it's a very small % of teenage girls (something like 2% under 18) and it's be... Read More »