What do these glitches remind you of?

Answer a royal pain in our "toosh"... always,Ladyitchp.s. I'm wondering if they forgot to pay the help :D

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Which celebrity does she remind you of?

What puddings remind you of being a kid?

Can't remember what it was called but it tasted absolutely fantastic!! The pudding was served at school and consisted of a sweet pastry base with a solid 'minty' chocolate filling. It was served in... Read More »

What song is this or what does it remind you of?

nothing... but could it be a song from a tv show you liked as a kid?

How to Remind Teens Not to Drink?

Communication with teens can be quite difficult and challenging at times, but at this vital age they can be subjected to many influences and ideas that may become a part of them and shape their fut... Read More »