Who sang,'I never promised you a rose garden'?

Answer "Rose Garden" was written and recorded in the 1960s by country singer and songwriter Joe South, but it was country singer Lynn Anderson who made the song famous. With the well-known line "I never p... Read More »

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Want the best RED tea Rose for my garden. What is it?

MASTER GARDENER TO THE RESCUEThere is only one answer to your question.... .................."Mr Lincoln"Last time I checked, American Rose Socity rated at at 8.5 out of 10. Great score. Gre... Read More »

What is another name for a rose garden?

Looking for the best RED Rose for my garden?

MASTER GARDENER TO THE RESCUE.When it comes to red MR LINCOLN is the top of the list. Dark rich red and the smell is Rose Heaven. Has a great history of little or no problems. Last time I checke... Read More »

How do I go about creating a rose garden?

Roses don't flower in winter in the Uk - not even the South West. I live in Somerset and my climbing Compassion rose often flowers right up to December.Roses are quite happy in clay soil but it n... Read More »