Can a brown haired brown eyed mom and a brown haired hazel eyed father have a blonde haired blue eyed baby?

Answer it is possible if someone related to you has blue eyes or if someone has blonde hair but i wouldn't worry about it because if you have a brown hair baby it will still be pretty some of the most bea... Read More »

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Can a blue eyed man and a brown eyed woman have a baby with hazel eyes?

It all depends on the baby, your family before you. So if you have any further questions I would ask a scientist or maybe even your primary care doctor. Glad to help. =)

When to Cut Back Brown-Eyed Susans?

Brown-eyed Susans are bright brown and yellow flowers that grow in excess of 36 inches tall. Also known as Black-eyed Susans or Common black-eyed Susan, according to the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflowe... Read More »

Where can you find coco brown song that coco brown sang in madeas family reunion?

Some of his work is available on Itunes and his new work is being released in the Spring of 2010.

Who sang"Brown Sugar"?

The Rolling Stones sing "Brown Sugar." Mick Jagger and Keith Richards are credited for writing the song. The song "Brown Sugar" appears on disc two of the album "Forty Licks." ... Read More »