Who said"time is money"before Ben Franklin?

Answer Ben Franklin was the first person to use the same "time is money." In 1748 he published "Advice to a Young Tradesman" where he said, "Remember that time is money. He that idly loses five shillings'... Read More »

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Who was Benjermin franklin's dad's name?

How old is Franklin the turtle?

Franklin is in grade 3, which makes him and his friend Bear, 7 years old.

How many presidents had the first name Franklin?

There have been two U.S. presidents with the first name Franklin. Franklin Pierce was the 14th president. Franklin Delano Roosevelt was the 32nd president. Pierce was in office from 1853-1857 and R... Read More »

What is Rosalind Franklin's invention?

Rosalind Franklin discovered that DNA could crystallize into two forms, an A form and a B form. She also developed a method to separate the two forms, which led to a number of important discoveries... Read More »