Who said"I think there is a world market for maybe five computers"?

Answer It is alleged that in 1943 Thomas J. Watson, the head of IBM at the time, made the statement, "I think there is a world market for maybe five computers." However, it may be a misunderstanding of a... Read More »

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What old cartoon is this...there was a boy and a seagull and something about a harbour I think his dad was dead or missing and maybe theres something to do with a flute or a dragon im not sure?

I cannot recall a Cartoon specifically on this line, though plots dealing with ( Daddy Hunts) were at times almost a staple in some juvenile films , this is rather HEAVY ballast for a cartoon show.... Read More »

PLease answer maybe be stupid but w.e .. How old do you think I am?

people are so stupid saying 11-13you deff. look like ur about 16/17 !

Myspace users i think i maybe being stalked can you help me?

I am pretty sure they have to be signed it to see who's looking. I you have it set to private and accept only friends can view, and he can't see your info... of course, don't accept him as a friend... Read More »

Anyone think Todd Carty maybe the John Sargeant of DOI?

feckin hell yeah,talk about a shaky start,but hey that ray quinn is a bloody natural if you ask me,feckin brilliant he was.edit: that feckin tonys pinching my lines again??