This woman i know said that Doctor Oz said that even diet drinks have sugar in them?

Answer Diet drinks dont have sugar, they have a sugar substitute moat often aspertame... This is something you should do some research on as the opinions on this particular item vary largely. Some peopl... Read More »

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Can you text or send a text to your self with it not being the correct number it came from Example this girl claims my man send her these text message that I think and he said for sure are un true?

iPhone video has to be converted to one of the following file formats before it can be imported/edited in Windows Movie Maker: .asf, .avi, dvr-ms, .m1v, .mp2, .mp2v, .mpe, .mpeg, .mpg, .mpv2, .wm, ... Read More »

How many times is the word 'perimeter' said in the tv show 24?

YouTube and On YouTube, make sure the video is above 40 minutes.

On facebook it said someone it said that someone had seen the message I sent them, but now its not.?

They saw it, just didn't reply fast enough.

Why would a toddler that was born premature get pale white in the palms and soles when over excited?

Hi, I would think that was perfectly normal...If he/she needs to go, then they need to go.. I wouldn't worry too much.