Who said a"house divided against itself cannot stand"?

Answer The phrase "a house divided against itself cannot stand" came from the Bible. In Mark 3:25, which is in the New Testament, Jesus said, "If a house is divided against itself, that house cannot stand... Read More »

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Is there a way you can have your wife removed from the house for verbal abuse towards your children if you do not live there and cannot stand to see what is happening to them?

Answer Sorry to say this but your hands are tied until you bring her to court and have the children evaluated which could they quite some time. I am assuming you have not been awarded custody of ... Read More »

What did Patrice O'Neal mean when he said British Stand Up is 50 Years behind American Stand up?

I used to think British people on the whole were just a bit uptight but the Americans reaction to Ricky Gervais says different. Not sure what he meant but imho American comedy is a bit childish and... Read More »

I saw on my husbands computer the media player and it had some porn on it.He said that it loaded it by itself?

All blokes look at porn. It's in thier nature. He's just embarrassed about it. It doesn't mean he doesn't love you.

They said teens cannot waer contacts is it true?

Who is "they"?100% false. I have instructed patients as young as 8 years old on how to wear contact lenses. This is usually something that a parent feeds their teenage children to get them off th... Read More »