Caller said"Hello, Hello can you hear me, can you hear me". Then hung up?

Answer Sounds like the Verizon guy to me. "Can you hear me now"I have heard of a scam where they get you to say yes. It is a recorded call and they can apply that answer yes to what ever they are selling... Read More »

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If someone came up to you and said,'Hello,how are you',what would you say?

Who said and how in the little rascals?

Several of the Little Rascals said, "and how!" at one point or another.

Hello. I'm a little insecure about my looks and I hired a new photographer. Did she magnify my features?

You've never looked better.Totally accentuated your eyes and high cheekbones......stunning really.And that thick and lustrous.

Someone called me, hung up as soon as I said hello and when I called back it says the number isn't in use?

Probably on the phone to someone else.But they may have spontaneously been disconnected from their provider due to some unknown phenomenal circumstances. Guess you'll never know :D