Who runs the internet?

Answer You don't have to pay for it, therefore it is not owned by anyone. I know if I owned it, you'd have to pay a huge hourly rate, plus money per word typed while connected. That would make me richer t... Read More »

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What Versions of Internet Explorer Runs With Windows 98?

Microsoft Windows 98 is one of the earlier versions of Microsoft's operating systems. It was released to the public in 1998, and was followed by a second version in 1999. It is now outdated enough ... Read More »

My Norton internet security runs out in 2 days?

If your subscription runs out, you can still use the product to the level of protection its at when it runs out. You just won't be elidgeable for updates to the product, so no immunity to new viru... Read More »

Who Here Runs A Mac?

Hi Robin...I've been using both Mac and PCs, but personally favour the Macs mostly due in part because it's my livelihood as Mac OS Certified Engineer since 1985. I like the simplicity and ease of... Read More »

What Happens If My Car Runs Out of Gas?

When your car runs out of gas, it is often at the worst time and most likely in an inconvenient location. Many drivers are guilty of passing by the gas station when they are in a hurry to get where... Read More »