Who reports to Homeland Security?

Answer The stated mission of the Department of Homeland Security is to secure the nation from threats. As a non-military department, dozens of civilian agencies and groups report to the Department of Home... Read More »

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What Department of homeland security reports to which agency?

As with other members of the Presidential Cabinet, the US Secretary of Homeland Security is expected to resign when a new President takes office. (from wiseGEEK, in related links)

What does ranking member and former chairman of homeland security and governmental affairs committee which has jurisdiction over department of homeland security and is senates chief mean?

a. An inheret resposibility of everyevel onnment. b. Primarily coducted by federal agencies with homeland security missions.c. Required in order to receive assistance under the Stafford Act.d. Focu... Read More »

How does the quadrennial homeland security review of 2010 differ from the 2007 National strategy for homeland security?

What is homeland security email address so information can forward a letter from Rowland to Homeland Security?