Is the swine flu shot really a shot?

Answer They don't shoot you, and it isn't a 'shot' of a drink, it's a needle in the arm. In the 2009-2010 flu season there was a mist as well as a shot for the vaccination for swine flu. In the 2010-2011... Read More »

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Is lil wayne really dead... has he really been shot?

mhm... he was captured in Honolulu and placed in a concentration camp... They call it the black Nazi camp... yup... thats what happened... I was there looking from the barbed wire... and omg! He wa... Read More »

Does the flu shot really work?

On One Hand: The Flu Shot WorksAccording to the Center for Disease Control, the flu vaccine is the best method of flu prevention. After you get the vaccine your body makes antibodies to protect aga... Read More »

Does the flu shot prevent really bad colds?

No, the virus that causes a common cold is different than the virus that causes influenza. However, for some people, the symptoms for some types of flu are very similar to the symptoms of a really... Read More »

Does it really hurt to get a shot in the butt?

Yes, it does hurt. But not as bad as getting shot in the arms or legs. More nerves there.